The goal of this tutorial is to show you how to apply a discount to a quantity of custom product ordered by your customer.

After installing the Ouidah Product Designer plugin, here is a comprehensive documentation that will teach you in detail all you need to know and how to create a custom product on your WooCommerce store.

After the creation of your custom product, your customers can now customize their products before purchase.

If you wish to apply a discount to a specific quantity of product ordered by your client.

What you need to apply this discount is the Conditional Discount for WooCommerce.


 Easily attract more customers and grow your business by using our Conditional Discount for WooCommerce.

After installing the plugin, what you will do is create a WooCommerce-based quantity pricing and apply it to your desired product.

To create the discounts you want to apply to the desired product:

  • First of all go back to the “product page”
  • Next click on “quantity based pricing” and fill in the fields
WPD Discounts1
  • Enable the feature by checking the check-box
  • Select your preferred discount type between Percentage, Fixed amount and Give N for free.

Percentage: This type of discount allows you to offer a percentage based discount if the customer purchases a certain quantity, for example 10% if the quantity bought corresponds to the rule type defined by the shop owner

Fixed amount: you define a fixed amount off the basic price of the product, for example if the product is 5$, the fixed amount discount can be 2$, if the quantity purchased corresponds to the rule type defined.

Give N for free: this type of discount on the other hands, gives out a quantity of product for free when a quantity of  another product is bought. For example, if he buys between 10-15 pieces of a product he has 2 of another product for free or if he buys 2 pieces of a product, he has 1 other product for free.

  • Select one of the rules type below: Rules type helps the plugin to evaluate the quantity added to a cart. Below are the ways in which they can be used:
  1. Intervals: If the quantity ordered is between a minimum or a maximum value, then the discount specified will be applied. It helps define the intervals in which discount types can be applied, for example if the client purchase between the intervals of 5-10 he gets a 10% discount, or 10$ off, or a free gift. If he buys between intervals of 10-20, he gets 15% off (percentage), or 20$ off (fixed amount), or 2 free gifts (give N for free).
  2. Steps: Allows you to set a woocommerce quantity based discount if the purchased quantity is a multiple of a specific value. For example, if the quantity purchased is a multiple of 2 then the discount type chosen will be applied. That is to say a discount is applied on every multiple of number. Every purchase from 2, 3, 4 etc…. Will get either a percentage, fixed amount discount or a free gift. Based on the rules defined by the shop owner.
  • Enter the quantity intervals or multiples (if you’re using the steps algorithm).
  • Save the product and you’re good to go.

A pricing table will be displayed on the product page, this will show the user the different pricing options available based on the purchased quantities.

WPD discount table