How to manage fonts in WooCommerce Product Designer

Fonts are one of the most basic features in online product customization and yet one of the most critical ones. WooCommerce Product Designer does not only allow you to use google fonts in your designs but also to add custom TTF fonts which you can use directly on the canvas and in the output PDF […]

Features Update: Woocommerce All Discounts Version 0.9 is out!

      Our team of developers are always working to give you a great service, therefore the Woocommerce All Discounts plugin has been upgraded with the following abilities:   Added: ability to combine the conditions order items counts and products in cart to create new types of conditions Added: ability to cache the discounts […]

How to define a HTML template for all WordPress emails?

Let’s just say it honestly, wordpress’s default emails are not as so beautifull and that’s normal because they are in text format. If you’re running a professionnal website, you probably want to brand and format every outgoing emails generated by your wordpress installation. In order to achieve that, you need to define a HTML template […]