We are living in very competitive times, where businesses, brands, institutions, and the like are trying to get online visibility to sell their ideas to the world.

When a cause or community, business, company or institution, brand or product, a public figure, or an entertainment idea is birthed, the next step is “how to make it visible and accessible?”. That is where the World Wide Web comes in, to put you on the international market.

Five new profiles are created every second and the implication is that your potential audience on Facebook is growing exponentially. (Source: ALLFacebook 2012)

This is to say that day in and day-out competition is growing drastically to the point where you have to sponsor your Facebook page not only that but it also requires sometimes that you go for the highest price to be able to reach your desired audience.

Why spend a huge amount of money on Facebook advertising when you are not sure of getting at least 50% of your money’s worth from that investment, consequently looking at other ways to solve the issue is demanded.

Well before you decide to spend that money on Facebook Ads, why not take time to analyse the type of competitors you have by checking out their pages?

If it’s an event you want to organize, why not look back into a list of previous events related to your event and pick up some of their successful strategies?

Maybe you are looking for or you want to start a restaurant in a particular city, or you are brainstorming on how to prelaunch a business. You would get some meaningful insight if you did research on Facebook on existing places in a particular geographic location to get a fair idea of what you are getting into.

These little things could help you make big business or research decisions, they could help you compare the strengths and weaknesses, measure the cost, measure an impact, and whether that thing you are researching is worth an investment.

For that matter we beautifully made this piece of code for you, the Facebook Scraper Pro.


  • To scrape products from retailer or manufacturer websites: you can use it to get product details from manufacturers or dealers on their own website or Facebook page this can help you make price comparisons.
  • To scrape business profiles and reviews: to track online presence and reputation, it can help you in monitoring how other businesses or competitors are progressing or learn from their marketing strategy.
  • To scrape people’s profiles: helps in tracking the online reputation of individuals.
  • Monitoring specific company pages: on Facebook to gather what people are saying about certain companies and their products.
  • Tracking health physicians: from their clinic Business Facebook page to get a catalog of available doctors per specialization and region.
  •  Scrape job ads: to build online directories or provide better-targeted ads to their customers.
  • You can scrape news websites: for research or analysis.
  • Scrapping locations: for restaurants, markets, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, cinemas, and much more………

 What features does the Facebook Scraper Pro offer?

1- It works for Pages, Places, Events, and Groups: Search for Pages, Places, Events, or Groups on Facebook all over the world by entering a set of keywords.

2- Multiple export options (All or selected only): After completing a search you can export all or some of the results you find into a PDF, XSL, or CSV format.

3- Sortable and filterable results: You’ve found exactly what you needed? Just sort them out or filter your results, and export just what you need.

4- Filter results by any field: Separate your results by selecting the field in which you are interested.

So now you can make this piece of code yours by just a click!

If you have any question, feel free to ask in the comment box below.  😀