VPC Display the Configurator

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There are currently 3 ways to display the product configurator:

  1. Automatic display: used by default when the plugin is enabled and the configuration page is set. In this case, the plugin will automatically append the configurator to the selected configuration page’s content. There is no need to use a shortcode there.
  2. Standalone shortcode: to use when you need to have full control on where the configurator should be displayed in the configuration page. The shortcode to use in that case is [wpb_builder].
    Note: Make sure the setting Manage the configuration page in the plugin settings is set to no otherwise you’ll get 2 configurators in the specified page.
  3. Shortcode with parameters: to use when you need to have a standalone instance of the configurator in a page other than the configurator. The shortcode to use in that case is [wpb_builder product=123] where product is the ID of the product to load.
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