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A product list is a subset of your shop’s products you can use for actions based on conditions or actions when creating a discount. To create a list, click on the menu Discounts>Product Lists to access the lists page.

Then click on the “New List” button to access the Product List creation page.


To create a product list, one must select WooCommerce products that will belong to the list. This is done using the three types of extraction listed below:

  • Extraction type : allows you to specify the products that will fit into the list. You can do this by:
    • By ID : Allows you to select the products in the list by specifying the product IDs.
    • By Dynamic request: Allows you to select the products in the list that matches multiple criteria.
    • Product IDs: allows you to input WooCommerce product IDs, separated by commas. This can be done for simple products as well as variable product IDs.

If you select the “By Dynamic request”, more options become available to you, for finetuning your list:

  • Author : Retrieves only the elements created by the specified authors. You can set this parameter to “Any” to disable this filter.
  • Exclude : Product IDs to exclude from the list
  • Taxonomies relationship : Relation between the taxonomies groups.
    • AND : The products must match all defined taxonomies.
    • OR : The products must match at least one (1) defined taxonomy.
  • Taxonomies
    • Taxonomy : Taxonomy is basically a grouping mechanism for the products such as products tags, categories, attributes etc.
    • Operator : The comparison operator for the taxonomy and the value.
    • Value : The available values for the selected taxonomy.
  • Metas relationship : Relation between the metas groups
    • AND : The products must match all defined metas.
    • OR : The products must match at least one defined metas.
  • Metas : The metas are special properties assigned to products by Woocommerce itself or external plugins/themes. Developers or users who understand that concept should only use this parameter.
    • Key : Meta key
    • Operator : Comparison operator
    • Value : Meta value
    • Type : Meta type

After creating a products list, the next step is to move to the discount creation.

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