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The Cliparts feature is what we named the image library, which allows you to create one or many predefined sets of pictures/vectors organized in groups, so your clients could be able to use them in their designs.
Create a set of clipart:

  • Go to WPD> Cliparts.
  • Click on the New clipart group.
  • Then enter the group name.
  • Click on the “Add clipart” button to access the default WordPress media selector popup.
  • Select the desired pictures/vectors and then click on the “Set Image” button at the bottom right of the popup.
  • Enter the unit price for each picture if you want to charge your clients for each picture used in their design.
  • Click on the publish button to save the group.
    Note: There is no limit to the number of clipart per group or the number of group you can define.
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