Automated SEO Monitoring

Automatically checks the search engine optimization score of the defined pages and periodically mails you the results.

Automated Performance Monitoring

Automatically checks the performance and speed of the defined pages and periodically mails you the results

Automated Security Monitoring

Automatically checks the security score of your website and periodically mails you the results.

Periodic Reporting

Sit back and relax while Automated SEO, Security and Performance monitoring for Wordpress does all the hard work and only bother you with the results you need to see when you want to (on daily, weekly or monthly basis).

Multiple Monitoring Settings

Using our dynamic URLs extraction system, you can easily select any type of URL you need to check dynamically or by specifying them yourself.

Projects and Clients Management

Are you an SEO, Security or Perfomance consultant? Well we got your back. You can easily use this powerful extension to monitor your own website or your clients.

Pages, categories and posts types monitoring

No need to manually specify the URL to analyze anymore. Using our powerful data extraction system, Automated WP Speed, SEO & Security will monitor every page, post, custom post types together in order to narrow your job to just fixing the issues identified.

Standard URLs monitoring

No need for our dynamic data monitoring feature? That’s fine too. Automated WP Speed, SEO & Security can monitor every URL you specify manually.

Google PageSpeed Insights, YSlow and more

Automated WP Speed, SEO & Security can automatically run a check on your pages using the most trusted in performance, search engine optimizations engines like Pingdom, WebPagetest, YSlow services and will deliver the results as if you were checking yourself.

W3C compatibility monitoring

We firmly believe that W3C compatibility plays an important role in your website search engine optimization. And that’s why Automated WP Speed, SEO & Security Monitoring includes a W3C validation engine to maximize your compatibility with the the SEO heavy weights engines.

Compatible with any custom post type

Bookings, blog posts, products, events, classified ads and much more. It does not matter which post type you want to monitor, we get the job done nicely.