Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce

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Set up a virtually unlimited number of discounts using one or multiple conditions. 


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Available discount conditions

You can set up a discount based on conditions such as: 

Product properties

Product attributes

Product categories

Product tags

Variation attributes

Product categories

Product prices

Stock levels

Products metas

Customer profile


Customer logged in or not

Customer role

Customer capability

Customer email domain

Customer group

Customer birthday

Customer metadata

Purchase history

Previous orders count

Previous orders total

Previously purchased products

Current cart

Products in cart

Cart items quantity

Cart subtotal

Cart total weight

Cart items count

Billing details

Billing country

Billing state

Shipping details

Shipping country

Shipping state

Shipping method

Shipping zone


Mailchimp subscription status

Sendinblue subscription status

Newsletter plugin subscription status

Payment & currency

Selected payment method

Selected currency



Available discount types

Each of these conditions can be associated with any of the discount types the plugin can apply: 

Product price

Percentage off product price

Fixed amount off product price

Fixed product price

Order subtotal

Percentage off order subtotal

Percentage off order subtotal (inc. taxes)

Fixed amount off order subtotal

Fixed amount off order subtotal (inc. taxes)

Shipping fees

Percentage off shipping fees

Fixed amount off shipping fees

Fixed shipping fees

Free gifts

Free products

Buy one get one

Tier pricing

Tiers pricing


Unlimited discount scenarios

  1. 30% off every fifth accessory
  2. Purchases of at least 10 units will receive a 5% discount.
  3. $9.99 for any 3 t-shirts, excluding those with original artwork.
  4. 10% off when purchasing between 2 and 5 units, and 20% off when purchasing at least 6 units.
  5. Receive a wireless keyboard for 50% off each desktop Computer.
  6. After your 10th order, you’ll receive a 5% lifetime discount; after your 50th, a 10% lifetime discount
  7. If there are heavy items in the cart, there will be an additional handling fee of $15.
  8. Get 15% off your order when you spend at least $1,000.
  9. Upon reserving a hotel for seven nights, stay for free one night.
  10. Spa services are 20% off when you stay for three nights or more.
  11. Only the first order will receive a 10% discount if other discounts do not also apply.
  12. for every new iPhone purchased: an iPhone case
  13. Get a $5 cart discount if you buy anything from the clothing category.
  14. Now until midnight, everything is $9, but only if you buy three things
  15. Each fifth accessory is 30% off
  16. All music albums are 10% off and singles are 25% off this month.
  17. For international orders, there is a $10 processing fee.
  18. Recurring orders receive a 15% discount
  19. For testing purposes, users with the position Shop Manager receive a 100% discount.
  20. 5% off in the event that no other discounts are used.
  21. Automated rewards program with tiered discounts for devoted customers
  22. Members of the VIP club receive a 25% discount on all purchases
  23. 10% off laptop purchases is only available to those who are not VIP club members.

You can think of practically any conceivable pricing, discount, or fee scenario!


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60 reviews for Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce

  1. Antena1BR

    Well written and functional plugin and the authors are super responsive on questions and sugestions.

  2. cagedfish

    Customer support is beyond excellent, plugin didn’t have functionality which client wanted, they added the functionality in no questions asked. Fantastic – would recommend to all

  3. PieterVH13

    Seriously: buy this plugin. This author is an amazing guy/company which helped me out a lot when I had a problem. Talking about setting up a Facebook App for me to get like per discounts to work. Really never experienced this kind of service before from any developer. He did all without complaining, while I already gave up when I thought I wasn’t able to get it to work. No words for this: this is one of the good guys.

  4. ppcervone

    very quick and fast support

  5. tissaabeywickrama

    Highly satisfied prompt service.

  6. azwan2291

    Achieve my expectation in providing the functions I need.

  7. odirlon

    Best plugin, best support. Congratulations!

  8. perfrykner

    Great customer support. Flexible discount rules.

  9. runoffmedia

    Great customer support, and nice plugin as well – note, I would like to have support forum available to search instead of having to contact support with my silly questions. 🙂

  10. dinpapa

    The customer support is truly amazing! I had an issue with my plugin and the fix was applied quickly,efficiently and professionally. The agent handling my ticket was very polite and was able to understand everything I was telling him. Couple all that with the flexibility and power of an already amazing plugin, well, it is definitely five stars from me 😉

  11. fendt1

    Works really good!

  12. 3ejoueur

    Awesome support !

  13. alex_132

    This was the only plugin at the market that could fix my way of creating a discount on a variation product in woocommerce. Massive choice of configuration and the fastest and customerfriendly support I’ve been in touch with. Highest rating possible!! Keep up the good work!

  14. Pakito85

    dispone de errores como no excluir cupones de descuento lo cual es un grave error hacer un descuento sobre un articulo con cupon

  15. rocketship_

    Very flexible. it works perfectly on Avada theme. Very good customer service. 5/5 Thanks!

  16. jbek81

    Excellent support! Great functionality!

  17. trishah

    I bought this plugin specifically because it has so many options for targeting customers via their state or city. But what I needed, was a way to target another field. I worked with the developers on this custom coding and they were wonderful. They even came up with a more elegant solution. They actually ran into an issue with one of the features I wanted and spent two whole days researching to see if they could make it work (unfortunately WooCommerce dose not allow it) but I was very happy they went above and beyond to try to give me everything I wanted. Bottom line; Excellent work and good communications!

  18. fredericvdb

    Le support est un rêve ! Ultra réactif et en plus ils parlent français.

  19. willyfreites

    Great and Fast Support!

  20. jeremybijoux

    Purchased the plugin and found a terrible bug and the funny logic problem with it, but the team will only look into it if I provide my customer server and website login detail which I can’t take any responsible if any information mis-used from my client portal. Bug 1: Discounted item doesn’t work on cart calculation, provided a free give to the customer but the cart total still charging the free gift’s price on it!!!! Bug 2: IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE! If I make the condition of discount as buy A get B free, if I buy 1 A, that’s fine. BUT IF I BUYING 2 A…. they can only get 1 B for free…!!???!! So I asking the team if any setting can solve the calculation problem, they replied: “our plugin don’t have this feature; Should i request a quote from our developers team?” WHY SHOULD I PAY AGAIN TO SOLVE SUCH SIMPLE BUGS??

  21. Josef (verified owner)

    A great plugin for discounts!

  22. Brandon Mack

    When first purchased I had massive amounts of problems with their discounts plugin regarding AND and OR conditions. Instead of fixing the logic to make it work as AND and OR are supposed to, they just updated their documentation to say OUR logic works this way.

    The plugin I found out, after enabling and disabling plugins to find the culprit, is throwing mass amounts of PHP errors, causing our error log file to be massive in seconds, consuming resources, and slowing down out site to a stand still causing timeouts on page loads, and since I originally purchased the plugin through Code Canyon and they now removed it from there, I can’t get updates. I don’t even know if the update will fix the issue since they won’t answer any of my emails asking for assistance.

    They got my money and don’t seem to care to help me now. Maybe this will get them to reach out so this can be fixed.

  23. lplightle (verified owner)

    I was able to create a Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal across multiple products based on a specific variation (color). This was the ONLY plugin I could find that would accomplish this. Thank you!

  24. nik (verified owner)

    Great plugin, very flexible and reliable. Please consider allowing discounts to be applied via admin orders.

  25. mateitudor (verified owner)

    You can’t choose a gift quantity, in other words if you have 3 products you can only offer 3 gifts.
    You can’t offer a gift every 3 products purchased even though 1/2 of the functionality is there.
    You can’t add messages of any kind other than translate the existing ones that don’t make sense.
    The support is not helpful nor willing to admit plugin shortcomings.
    It could be great but it isn’t.

  26. Paul K. (verified owner)

    This seems to be the ONLY plugin on the market that will do what I want—namely, discount any item based on OTHER items already in the cart. It’s relatively simple to set up, and support was very responsive and helpful when I had trouble. My only complaint is that I can no longer use Woocommerce coupon codes for customers. The coupon codes will reek havoc on the formulas I created with All Discounts. Perhaps All Discounts could either create a coupon system that can work along side of its discount formulas, or work in conjunction with a built in coupon system like Woocommerce.

  27. trungit.nt (verified owner)

    Quickly support

  28. myriam

    the plugin keeps its promises despite some bugs. The addition of a gift to the cart page sends to the home page so it would be more normal to stay on the shopping cart page, can we correct this redirect?

  29. Ashley

    This is an incredible plug-in. Works perfectly, operates very fast and has little to no overhead on the site.
    The code must be very efficient. So a big tick to the coding team who worked on this plug-in.
    The support person we spoke with was very knowledgable and responded fast, something you rarely see these days.

    Thanks Discount Ap – you guys rock!

    Hardcore SARMS USA

  30. Peter Stidsen

    A very nice plugin which does a great and flexible work. Very great support when in need of that.

  31. Rick Chiantaretto (verified owner)

    I found your plugin because it became very clear that my products were of interest to people, but shipping costs caused abandoned carts. No one likes shipping costs!
    To meet customer expectations, I needed to offer free shipping, but couldn’t make that happen on products or sales where the margin was low. I specifically looked for a solution that could allow me to do shipping tiers based on cart totals, and your plugin was the magic that made it happen.
    “Imagine my surprise when I thought, I want to offer discounts to my mailing list subscribers, and found out I could do it!”

  32. Stephen Huart

    Good plugin

  33. Laurynas (verified owner)

    I’ve bought this plugin, because I needed to create a discount and I could not find another way to do it. What I have noticed first was how easy it is to use, everything is really clear. However that was not the thing that impressed me the most. The discount that I created didn’t work for some reason and it seemed that there were no easy fix for it, but the technical support did EVERYTHING there was to do to help me. They replied fast and fixed every issue and stayed with me for every little thing that was bothering me. The communication they provide is worth every cent of the product price. Thank you!

  34. Ton (verified owner)

    Bought this plugin because of its many possibilities. Unfortunately from the first moment problems with the plugin. Incorrect calculations, offers that become inactive etc. etc. Even with the help of the hepldesk we don’t get the problems solved. In our case we have never been able to use the plugin, and after a wp udate we tried it again, but there is no solution. Gone plugin, no refund. We were told that this is allowed by law. True our time had passed, but it has been forgotten that the plugin was under continuous development….
    Again the idea is great, too bad the plugin doesn’t work…. a waste of my money!

  35. satia.daelli (verified owner)

    Fast Support!!

  36. Manon

    Thanks for your great support.

  37. Ole Eng

    Great plugin, does what it promises, and awesome support. Thank you!

  38. Bernard Chabrol (verified owner)

    Great support from Adeniran ! thanks the plugin works fine.

  39. ian p

    Great support – lightening fast and very informative. Got me up and running in no time.

  40. Oleksandr Osmichenko (verified owner)

    Quick and great support. Unique approach to each customer and their needs! Your discounts will be in good hands!

  41. Douglas Lockett (verified owner)

    Super fast customer service!

  42. Si Omar (verified owner)

    Very good and dependable plugin


    The plugin works really well (it has no errors so far and it is well optimized) and it is very easy to use. The support is also very quick to respond, they are really helpful and they are very fluent in english so you will have no trouble solving any issues that you might encounter.

  44. Seb (verified owner)

    This is a really great discounts plugin which caters for any type of discount. The interface is easy to use and the support team are very quick to respond and super helpful!

  45. myriam (verified owner)

    des techniciens ont passé beaucoup de temps à m’aider gracieusement et le plugin est à un prix très correct vu ses capacités

    j’en suis très contente!

  46. Consult & Co Digital (verified owner)

    Hotfix with French taxes issue within a day. Very good support, and very good plugin.

  47. contact1 (verified owner)

    Great plugin, Great support!

  48. Ieva

    Great plugin that has many options and also great support that helped to solve all the issues we had!

  49. Olivia Martin (verified owner)

    The conditional discount plugin works great and the technical support is fantastic. The techs were very responsive via the chat function. I feel confident I will continue to use more features this plug in has to offer on future site builds.

  50. Xavier NUEL

    Very good module. The implementation of promotional rule is simple and effective.
    The support was able to resolve our concerns in record time.
    Well done !!

  51. Diana de Crozals

    I’m very happy with this plugging.
    The customer support its amazing. They are reactive, fast and always answer all questions.
    Excellent contact. Thanks to Adeniran for your help and patience.

  52. Rosa (verified owner)

    Amazing customer support, quick and efficient.

  53. Wei Ling Kuo

    The payment charged was an error issue and I reported it to customer service. The service was very grateful. He is patient to make corrections. I love this plugin and it solved the marketing pricing set up all in one shopping stop. I would renew it next year!

  54. Maëlle

    I had difficulty activating the plugin on a customer’s website. I contacted the after-sales service and they cleared the situation for me very quickly.

    I am delighted to have called upon them.

  55. OJ-K

    We 100% recommend this plugin. The support team analyzes and gives you options so you can achieve your goals. Thank you team

  56. Adam Vesterager (verified owner)

    This plugin made it possible to give my Mailchimp list a discount when shopping, which was awesome. The support is super friendly and quick to reply.


    Nice plugin, a must have for any Woocommerce website !

  58. Mderob

    Very useful plugin and competent technical support, available and quick to solve problems!

  59. Juan Marsicano (verified owner)

    Great plugin that make discounts easy for costumers. And really great support! It was not working and they take time to check the problem.

  60. Jenny van der Molen (verified owner)

    handy plugin for webshops that work with graduated prices. Always fast and friendly response from support.

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