Having a passion for what you do may not be compulsory, but it certainly goes a long way in ensuring that your work’s challenges are easier to deal with. And when your passion is the same as your work? You are eager to go forth every single day. That’s the impression you get when you meet the Tarot Fellow, Rick Chiantaretto.

Rick runs tarotfellow.com, a website for all things metaphysical – everything you need to support your spiritual journey. Rick had always had a dream of having a website where he could share all the knowledge he has gained from his spiritual journey of over two decades, of all things Tarot.

He has a strong belief that we are all connected to each other and our predecessors. One of the conduits for that connection is via the Tarot pathway. Beyond your religious belief, Rick is certain that reading Tarot cards helps to sharpen your intuition and serves as assistance in your daily life. Rick also set up a community for metaphysical and spiritually-minded people to find useful content that is well-sourced and respectful of tradition.

Apart from spiritual knowledge and Tarot reading bookings on the site, Rick also runs a shop where he sells all things spiritual – Tarot decks and learning materials, herbs and smudge sticks, authentic Voodoo and Wiccan supplies, candles, divination tools, crystals, Native American products and more. With over seven thousand (7000) items in the store, Rick knew that sooner or later, he would need to put strategies in place to boost sales.

Rick knew that offering discounts on the tarotfellow.com site would increase sales, but everyone, including his competition, would think of inspiring loyalty in their customers this way. 

He needed something that would help him deliver more than the ordinary sales discount.

Shipping Fees Discount

Rick noticed that his site was experiencing a lot of what we call “Abandoned Cart Syndrome”, which means that many people were ordering but when they get to the Checkout level, they leave without completing the purchase.

This was an indicator to Rick that people liked the products but not his shipping costs. He could offer discounts but the products with low margins would not benefit from this, as it meant he would run at a loss.

Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce plugin fit the bill as it can specifically give discounts based on the customer’s actions, such as cart totals, the country, the category and much more.

In his own words, “To meet customer expectations, I needed to offer free shipping, but couldn’t make that happen on products or sales where the margin was low. I specifically looked for a solution that could allow me to do shipping tiers based on cart totals, and your plugin was the magic that made it happen.”

Specific Product Discounts

Rick discovered that he could target specific products via customized discounts using our  Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce plugin. He was able to create discounts based on products purchased, and other discounts based on the category of products the user selected his orders from.

This type of discount allowed him to get rid of unmoving stock, and retain his customers, as they returned for more purchases.

Email Subscription Discounts

Finding out that he could use our Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce plugin to offer his newsletter subscribers a discount was a huge bonus for Rick. In his own words:

“Imagine my surprise when I thought, I want to offer discounts to my mailing list subscribers, and found out I could do it!”

The Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce plugin allows you to integrate your newsletter mailing lists (MailChimp, SendInBlue, and NewsletterPlugin are covered) to your discounts and offer your subscribers simple or complex discounts. All it takes is a few seconds and you are good to go (learn how).

Visible Results for Tarot Fellow site

Rick has experienced a wonderful and visible turnabout on Tarotfellow.com:

“I was averaging around 300 hits a month, with 500 dollars a month in total sales. I had about 20 customer accounts.

I was able to use your free version of the plugin to kickstart an increase in sales right away. My introduction to the market was with a 50% off all Tarot Card sale, and during this sale, I had a unique visitor adding a unique item to their cart every 30 seconds. Before this, 60% of carts used to be abandoned because of shipping costs”. 

After setting up the plugin, his order totals started increasing, and there was also a lot of traffic on his website. Rick says “It was a huge success. I now have over 150 active customer accounts and over 7x my sales revenue. It could have been even better then, had I had the premium version of the plugin and had figured out the shipping issue (which I do now!). 

For that, I give Conditional Discounts for Woocommerce a 5-star rating”.


Using these various types of discount types has helped Rick define a working sales strategy. He can now create specific discounts for specific goals, and at the end of the day, easily track the methods that are effective or not. Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce with its unlimited discount types has made selling easier and faster for TarotFellow.