Features Update

 Our “team of developers” is always working to offer you simple yet stunning plugins. Below are the updates on fixed issues and added functions on our various plugins.


Woocommerce All Discounts Version 0.8 is out!

-Fixed issue: products in cart condition does not work for variations

-Added: “empty” as joker for the quantity based pricing on the product page


Visual Product Configurator Version 2.3.4 now available!

-Fixed issue: on conditional rules were options and components ID are generated manually

-Fixed issue: bootstrap modal conflicts

-Improved conditional rules screen


Woocommerce Product Designer Version 3.11 is now available!

-Fixed issue: background image “included” and “not included” are switched on the canvas.

-Fixed issue: curved text color does not stay when any other action is running, after adding it to the canvas.

-Fixed issue: price are doubled on cart page when WPML is active

Added functions include:

The ability to define default, minimum and maximum font size according to your choice.

The ability to define default text and clipart colors according to your choice.

The “lazyload” effect on clipart (clipart settings), to enable pictures to load faster after the page has finished loading.

The ability to set the pricing rules based on the additional items on the editor.


Your suggestions and questions are welcome.