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What is this license?

The license is a key that permits you to have access to all the features of our plugin. The license menu tab allows you to set up the automatic updates notification feature. After configuring the settings below, you will receive a notification any time a new release is available.

Here is how to set up your license in Ouidah product designer:

To set your license, go to WPD > Settings > Licence tab.

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● License Key: It’s the license key you have received after your purchase. If you don’t know where to find it, you should read this article.


●After you have set the field with your license key, click on the button “save”. After the page has refreshed click on the button “Activate”.

This completes our tutorial on how to set your license in Ouidah product designer.

If you have any questions, Kindly drop a comment or reach us through the support center.


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14 thoughts on “How to set my license – Ouidah Product Designer

  • Hello !
    I activated WPD on WordPress but i don’t know how to use Ouidah PD to customize t-shirts and other clothes stuff.
    Can you help me ?
    Otherwise, I have this error message “Woocommerce product Designer: Imagick classes not installed on this server. You won’t be able to generate cmyk outputs or handle adobe files conversion to image.”
    when I’m on the main page of WordPress…

    Thank you for you help 😉

    • Hello,
      That’s an error message you can forward to your server admin. It simply need what’s required to generate this type of output is not available on your server

  • Hello how do I know where exactly to place the bounding boxes so the graphic will fit and upload inside of the box. is there a way I can measure I know everyones placement would be different?

    • No you can’t. But measures are in pixels so your graphic designer can tell you. Or you can setup some dimensions and adjust accordingly

  • Hello,
    is it possible to limit or remove options I do not use for specific products.
    1) For example, a brick or paver will need a lighter or darker color to represent the engraving.
    2) Can we limit the location of the text, font and size as well as the character count?
    3) Is it possible to remove the unused controls?
    4) Upon insertion of clip art is it possible to limit the location on the product as well as the size?

    I look forward to working with you in the future and thank you for your time


    • Hi Shane,
      Please start a discussion just clicking to chat icon on the web site so we can help you with your request, so about the first request
      1)It’s possible with a custom job, you will provide us the list of features which need to specific to configuration (product)
      2) We can already limit the font and font-size, about the specific location and number of characters we can make a custom job.
      3)Yes, you can decide to show or hide unused controls.
      4) Custom job

  • Hello:
    Could you tell me if Ouidah Product Designer is responsive.
    If it can be used from the mobile or tablet.

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