The Top 6 WooCommerce Bulk Discount plugins: Which one is the Absolute Best?

In a market full of WooCommerce discount plugins, it can be very difficult to find out which of them best meets your bulk discount needs. If you are looking for an easy to use plugin that will enable you to create bulk discounts seamlessly on your store, then chances are you have already run into […]

Woocommerce product configurator screenshot

Woovisual Product Configurator Now Compatible with WPML

  We are happy to announce to you that the WOO VISUAL PRODUCT CONFIGURATOR plugin is now compatible with WPML.     The WordPress Multilingual Plugin ( WPML) makes it easy for site owners and bloggers to translate web pages, posts, custom types, taxonomy, a theme’s texts and menus all into different languages. Sites admins can easily install […]

What your Competitors on Facebook don’t want you to know

We are living in very competitive times, were businesses, brands, institutions and the likes are trying to get an online visibility to sell their ideas to the world.   When a cause or community, business, company or institution, brand or product, a public figure or an entertainement idea is birthed, the next step is “how […]


Today the use of social media to promote businesses has become unavoidable. More especially the use of Facebook messenger to communicate with friends and clients have become part of our daily lives.   This new plugin that we have designed for you, makes it easy for you to communicate with your customers in real-time, answer their […]

Guess who is the featured author of codecanyon this week!

  In the midst of thousands and thousands of e-commerce plugins, Orionorigin has been nominated as the featured author of the week on codecanyon.   There are uncountable plugins out there, but when customers are not satisfied with the offered products they tend to switch in the search for a better service. Giving out great […]

4 Reasons to give out free gift (deals) on your Woocommerce shop

      Managing an online shop is not an easy task. Some of the worries that all online shop managers have is how to quickly move stock, attract new customers, or reach target sales. Offering free gifts is one of the ways to achieve these. Who doesn’t like gifts? Everyone does! Don’t start thinking […]