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There may be instance where you some options that you want to make available based on the user’s previous selections, in your configuration. That is why we added the Conditional Logic section, which lets you show or hide options/groups/components, based on the user’s selections. It is implemented by the conditional rules that you set up in the section.

To enable the conditional rules, please check the Enable Conditional Logic checkbox to have access to the rules creation table. Click on the Add rule button insert a new rule:

  1. Action: which action to apply when the rule is triggered
    1. Hide: will hide the specified option/component in the Apply On column.
    2. Show: will show the specified option/component in the Apply On column.
  2. Scope: what type of element to apply the action on – it is either an option, group per component, a component, or all groups.
  3. Apply on: which component/option/group to apply the specified action on? Select from the drop down list of options you have created.
  4. Option: which option triggers the rule?
  5. Trigger: action that triggers the rule.
    1. On selection: triggers the rule when the specified option is selected.
    2. On deselection: triggers the rule when the specified option is deselected.
  6. Plus button: allows you to add a new “Option” and “Status” to the rule. This is for cases where multiple triggers result in the action. Please note that all conditions have to be verified in order to apply the specified action, and using the conditions relationship.
  7. Minus button: removes the specific  “Option” and “Status” set.
  8. Enable reverse rule: allows you to enable the inverse rule. This is for situations whereby you want the opposite action to occur when the rule is reversed.
  9. Conditions relationship: specifies the connection between the options and statuses you have added to the rule. The value is either “AND” or “OR”.
  10. Remove rule: allows you to delete the whole rule (be careful with this button as there is no UNDO).
  11. Add Rule button: allows you to add another rule to the configuration.

Don’t forget to Save/Update the configuration when you are through.

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