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The WooCommerce All Discounts plugin has features that allow you to set up special discounts for your users. We have the Quantity Based Discounts, and Combined Discounts.

Quantity Based Discounts

Quantity based pricing allows you to define a pricing table per product in order to apply a discount based on the purchased quantity. This feature is available in the product admin page in the Quantity Based Pricing tab. To set it up:

  • Go to Products > Add New (for new products) or Products > All Products (to edit an existing product).
  • Make sure the product type is either Simple or Variable product. The plugin only works with these two types for now.
  • Scroll down to the left-handed tab named “Quantity Based Pricing”. Click it. You will be presented with the options below:
    • Enabled: field to enable or disable the special discount type.
    • Discount type: select the type of quantity price discount you want to apply. There are four types:
      • Percentage off product price
      • Fixed amount off product price
      • Fixed product price
      • Give N for free
    • Rules type: This field lets you select the type of rule to apply. You can apply the Intervals, or the Steps. Interval means that you determine the intervals (between minimum and maximum numbers. See image above) when the chosen discount type will be applied. Steps means in multiples, that is, at “every X items”, apply the selected discount type.
    • Intervals rules: If quantity ordered is between Minimum and Maximum, then the discount specified will be applied.

    • Steps rules: If quantity ordered is a multiple of the given step, then the discount specified will be applied.

Combined Discounts

Combined discounts are special discounts created by the combination (or linking) of other simple discounts. In the current version of the plugin, you can combine the rules conditions to create new types of conditions e.g. “order items count” and “products in cart” .

Here is an example:

Here are the discount rules you can combine to derive a single rule:

  1. “If Order Item Count” and “If Order Product”
  2. “If different order item count” and “If Order Product”.
  3. “If previously ordered product” and “If previous orders item count”.


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