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The first thing to do after installing the Woocommerce All Discounts plugin is to configure it in its general settings. Setting those parameters at the beginning of your work process will ease the creation of discounts later on. To access the Settings pages, click on the menu Discounts > Settings . Here you have the following parameters to set:

  • License: Please add the license key you received after your purchase. Find it here.
  • Mailchimp API KEY: Used when a MailChimp based discount need to be set. How to find my MailChimp API Key?
  • SendinBlue API KEY: Used when a SendinBlue based discount need to be set. How to find my Sendinblue API Key?
  • Disable coupons: Whether or not to disable the coupons usage when a cart discount is active.
  • Display cart discounts individually: Whether or not to display each cart discount individually on cart pages.
  • Display each discounted product original price crossed on the cart page: whether or not to display each discounted product original price crossed on the cart page.
  • Display the total products discounts: whether or not to display total discounts on products below the cart subtotal.
  • Automatically add free gifts to the cart: Whether or not to automatically add the free gift to the cart if there is only one product in the gifts list.
  • Include shipping in taxes: Whether or not to consider shipping as part of taxes.
  • Completed Orders Statuses: List of order statuses considered as “completed” (used when manipulating previous orders in the discounts conditions).
  • Use new extraction algorithm: Use new extraction algorithm. We recommend it for slow websites.

The next stage after filling the setting fields is the creation of the products lists that will undergo the discounts.

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