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The fonts interface allows you to define which fonts you would like your clients to use when they’re adding text to their designs. If you don’t define any font, the system default fonts will be used.
To manage the fonts, go to WPD > Fonts to access the fonts list.

There are 3 ways to add a font:

  • Google fonts: To add a Google font, just enter the font family name and the style sheet URL as provided by Google Fonts and then click the Add Font button; or you browse the available google font in the plugin and pick the desired one out of the list. You can also use this method for any font provider service which provides a URL for the fonts style sheets.
  • Custom web fonts: To add a custom web font, just enter your font family name and then click the Add Font button. This means that the font has been loaded externally by your theme or an external plugin. Also, to install custom fonts, you can use the “Use Any Font” plugin and then enter the font family name in the plugin without setting the URL.
  • Through a TTF file: you import the TTF file of the font by clicking on “add font file” then you write it’s name in the name field and you click on add font.

NOTICE: If you’re planning to generate output SVG files, you need to setup the TTF version of each font in order to embed them in the PDF outputs if needed.

Please note that there is no limit to the number fonts you can define.

Fonts Issues

Sometimes the fonts do not act right, even when set up correctly. We have found that using the free “Use Any Font” plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/use-any-font/) smooths out the connections and paths so the fonts can work properly.

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