Allada – Custom T-Shirt Designer for WooCommerce

$45.00 / year

Sell custom t-shirts your customers can personalize before they checkout in your store.

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Designed for Woocommerce powered custom T-shirt stores

Allada, our custom t-shirt designer plugin for woocommerce, was specifically designed for custom t-shirt businesses only. Nothing more, nothing less.

T – shirts data from popular brands included

Spending days searching for t-shirt brands and pictures could be quite exhausting. Allada comes with t-shirt pictures from the most popular brands, organized by models, colors, and references. This allows you to launch your store within a day!


Our custom t-shirt customizer has a clear interface that you can easily understand and that is simple to use for your customers. You are able to easily set up the configuration of the T-shirt designs from the admin area; the command/options needed for setting it up are self-explanatory.

Text – formatting feature

Allada allows the customer to add text, change the color of the text, the font, and the style. This feature has various help tools such as align, move, resize, rotate, delete, and lots more, helping your customers not to struggle during the design process.

Extensible fonts collection

Fonts make a product designer. Allada comes with over 600 Google fonts, perfect for t-shirt customization. In case you can’t find a particular font, you can simply add more to extend the default collection. True Type (TTF) and Open Type (OTF) font files are entirely supported.

Priced cliparts organized in categories

Clipart is a collection of pictures and images that can be used to beautify t-shirts and also pass across a message. Our t-shirt customizer allows you to upload your clipart and organize it into categories. Your customers can then browse through the categories and add any clipart of their choice to their designs. You can also set prices for each clipart, an avenue for you to increase your customer’s order amount.

Group order

Things can get complicated when an order is for a group of people with different sizes, like a team, a company, an organization, or a family. Our t-shirt customizer for WooCommerce allows your customers to create one design and order it in different sizes and colors with a few clicks.

Team orders

Sorting the t-shirt customization of a sports team one after the other is time-consuming, and mistakes can happen. Allada provides your customers with the option to customize everything at once. They are able to edit names and numbers in the front and back regions of each team-mates jersey at the same instance and on the same page. They can even choose the color for the name and number and select the size for each of the jerseys.

Predefined colors or unlimited ones

There may be situations when you need to limit the colors that your customers can use in their designs. Allada allows you to set up color palettes your customers can choose from for their text or vectors.

One design, multiple colors

In any case, if your customers want to order the same design on various colors of t-shirts or if they send you the t-shirt they already designed and request it be delivered in various colors of t-shirts, they don’t have to do it one at a time, as this can get confusing/mixed up quickly and be very time-consuming. To avoid this, our t-shirt customizer allows your customers to select multiple colors of t-shirts with the same design in a few clicks.

Save and re-edit design

With our t-shirt customizer, customers are able to save their t-shirt designs on their account on your website if they are not done with their design or aren’t ready to buy. They can always return later to resume where they left off.

Up to 48 inches outputs at 300dpi

Allada understands the value of a print ready PDF file and lets you generate up to 48 inches outputs at 300 dpi outputs.

Translation ready

No matter what language your customers speak and understand, Allada, our custom t-shirt designer plugin for woocommerce, can be translated into any language. The entire plugin is perfectly compatible with multilingual plugins like WPML, qTranslate X, GTranslate, and so on.

Fully responsive

Allada works seamlessly on all devices: phones, Tablets/iPads, laptops, etc. It resizes itself to maintain the user experience and maintain a consistent look across all devices. It responds to the device it’s being viewed on automatically.


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