Visual Product Configurator for WooCommerce

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Allow your customers to configure their perfect product online from a set of predefined choices and see what their final product will look like.

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Works with any product

Using a simple yet powerful PNG layering system, our visual product configurator is able to handle colors, shapes, patterns, shadows, and any effect.

Unlimited products

With Visual Product Configurator, there is no limit to the number of customizable products that you can set up on your store. The configurations you can create are limitless!

Custom text

Let your customers add their own text and position them on the design area at a specific position and angle. Each text element will be sent with their order during checkout.

Custom text added to the design
Pictures uploads

Images uploads

Let your customers upload their own logos or pictures and position them on the design area at a specific position and angle. Each uploaded image will be sent with their order during the checkout.

Multi angles display

Increase your chances to convert your visitor while customizing a product by offering them multiple views of their product. Each view shows the customer the customization made on different parts of the product

Multi view display

Stock management

In the event that any of the selectable options are out of stock, they are automatically removed from the list of options displayed to the customer.

Request a quote

Requests for quote

Offer your customers the ability to request a quote instead of sending normal orders with their designs. All quotes will be stored in the shop admin area for processing.

Conditional Rules

Depending on the customer’s selected options, you can automatically make other options available or not. You can even preselect others to make sure the product that is being built by the customer follows some rules in order to make production easy and smooth for you.

Save design for later

Save for later

Some customizations can take more time than others. Don’t let your customers restart their customization process all over again; you can give them the ability to save their work and resume it later when needed.

Social sharing

Harness the power of social media. Use social media to bring more customers in by allowing your clients to share their designs on Facebook, Pinterest, standard emails, and so on.

Share a design on social media
Setting a price per design option

Custom pricing

Not all product customizations have the same cost. You can assign a different price to each existing option so your customer can pay the total corresponding to his choices.

Form Builder

Does your product require free customer input? The visual product configurator allows you to create custom forms made of text fields, dropdowns, textareas, and radio buttons that the customer can fill out to send additional information regarding their design.

Collecting data through forms

Multiple skins and layouts

Each store is visually different. Our product configurator offers a variety of skins and layouts, so you can choose the one that appeals to you. If you prefer a custom made one, our designers and developers can create one that will match your store’s colors and style perfectly.

Easy to use

You don’t need to be a technical person to understand how our WooCommerce product configurator works.  We value simplicity, and because of this, we’ve designed it to be intuitive. Additionally, it has a live chat feature in case you need instant assistance and is fully documented with video training.

Entirely modular

Our product configurator was built to be fast and easy to understand. You can enable and configure only the features you need, and add more when needed. That way, your store won’t be bloated with unnecessary fields or scripts.

Works on all device

Our Visual Product Configurator is fully responsive. Irrespective of the device used by your customers to customize your products, our plugin is compatible with every device and  delivers optimal user experiences.

Translation ready

Easily edit or translate any string in our WooCommerce product configurator. It does not matter if your customers are french, american or british, our product configurator can be easily translated in any language and is perfectly compatible with any multilingual plugin such as WPML, qTranslate X, GTranslate, TranslatePress – Multilingual, MultilingualPress.


Billed yearly, One time fee

48 reviews for Visual Product Configurator for WooCommerce

  1. razorimages

    Might need some tweeks for your theme, but works great, and has a great support team !

  2. nimbuscreative

    Great Support, Customizable Product.

  3. Homo_Ludens

    Big credit to the Orion Team! On our website we are using the Orion Plugin – ‘Visual Product Configurator’ for customisable products offered in our store!
    Continuously but especially during our development phase we have experienced a superior level of service – a very fast response time with a positive and generously helpful attitude from members of a highly skilled techical team. We have been most satisfied with the plugin and developers in operations and I (speaking on behalf of my entire team) will give Orion our warmest and most sincere recommendations. Thank you Orion and best of thought in your future sophistication & developments! Best, //Shali

  4. webfarma

    great plugin…good work guys!Hang on

  5. sigham

    Great support & super fast!

  6. poisontonomes

    The plugin itself is excellent, very intuitive and easy to use. But in addition to that, the customer service is absolutely exceptional. I required some customisations and the team were able to complete them very quickly. There were also a few bugs integrating the plugin with my existing theme and again, the team were phenomenal and helped me fix them quickly and easily. I can’t recommend this plugin, and these developers, enough!

  7. VipRecordClub

    Really cool Plugin, easy to understand. Works perfectly with my product! The support is great.
    The only disatvantage is, that it only works with WooCommerce and no 3rd party plugins – That is communicated but a pity anyway.

  8. Connexius

    We build a bicycle configurator and it works very well.
    The software is simple to use.
    Afterwards we wanted a simple adjustment in the software.
    Orion has support us very well.
    Thanks Orion.

  9. fido_hh

    A good working solid plugin, which leaves some things to desired.
    It should be possible to copy components. The support offered a paid custom job to solve that issue.
    Also the conditional logic should be able to handle prices.
    Good support which usually responds within 24 hrs.
    Unfortunately the missing features create a huge maintenace effort and we might have to look for a different solution.
    This plugin should fit good for less complex products.

  10. marcellinomarcel1

    This plugin is fantastic. But if u choose plugin to be customized, the team behind will wokk hard for you. Very serious team, I recomend them for plugin customization.

  11. petewales

    Great product and support!!

  12. Feria

    Wonderful customer support. Very helpful and quick responses.

  13. Nicole Fellerer (verified owner)

    A very clean and nice to handle plugin. The form editor is easy to understand, you can duplicate parts, which makes it very fast and easy to build forms.
    The pro version has really nice features like custom css classes, various price options and conditional logic. Even the chosen images are shown in the cart and order mails, what makes it easy for customer and shop owner to identify the chosen options quickly.
    What I was missing is the option to toggle parts. I have some very long forms and the toggle would make it much clearer for users.

  14. Christopher Calzone (verified owner)

    Great plugin for exactly what I needed to get my online store selling, quick and helpful tech support at any time. Could use some more control in terms of customizing the design and integration with reporting plugins. Be careful, you need to use png’s and every component name needs to be different or you’ll end up with conflicts!

  15. Generic user (verified owner)

    Good and useful plugin for the configuration of a particular product, and the support is great!

  16. madi madi (verified owner)

    Very usefull plugin!

  17. Nicolò Granzotto

    We choose this plug-in for a complicated product in our website, and we are so happy about the functionality and features that we have found. With the combinations of the options and variables offered, is possible to make a lot of things. Thanks to all the staff for the assistance in the most sensible parts of the plug-in configuration.

  18. Steve

    This plugin sucks and the customer support is even worse. If you hate having to fix everything anytime either WordPress or the plugin needs to update, then you should find a better solution than this.

  19. Silas Skram

    Very usefull, used it also before it became subscription.
    Happy with the new functions though.

  20. Rafael Montano

    Visual Products Configurator is a must have plug in, 100% eager to start using it!

  21. Stefan Jelev

    We are extremely satisfied with the help from the support team. We have their plugin installed on our website, quite customized and few of the features wasn’t working properly. The support team was super kind and helped us to fix the issues we were facing, providing us with extra support.
    Highly recommended!

  22. David Smith

    The plugin is excellent! I’ve had a few problems getting it setup, but they were user error. There appear to be two sets of documentation and they should be combined and include a version history. The two that helped me are very responsive and very helpful. Once I was able to communicate the problem, they addressed it aggressively. Kudos to the support staff and developers for a job very well done!

  23. Christian

    The plugin is really useful if you would like to realize a completely customizable Product in your WooCommerce Store. I really like the ability to add layers or custom images to every (!) selectable Option and the custom Text feature.
    Sometimes you have to try the different settings on your own to see the effect, but there are settings fo nearly every use-case i can imagine.
    If there occur any issues, the customer support quickly gets back to you and really is making an effort to solve your problem!

    I would recommend this plugin and definitely use it in the next project that needs customizable products.

  24. asher

    Great service and greate plugin!
    Highly Recommended

  25. John Mairs

    I am super happy to have discovered this plugin, it is exactly what I needed. The design and functionality is great and I love the expandability of the plugin. The customer service is very responsive and helpful, it is a super relief to know that my investment will have the backing of the developer when I need assistance.

  26. Alexander Schaefer

    After getting to know how the plugin works I’m very happy. I was able to build a complex configuration structure of my products. The addon “request a quote” is also running. It can be defined who gets the information and what is displayed (price, image, size of image).
    I contacted the support, they were friendly and helpful.

  27. Glenn

    Great plugin

  28. Illyssa Tussing

    I bought the plugin as well as several of it’s add-ons. The plugin is great but the real amazing thing is their customer service. They are the best and will help you figure things out and if you need something custom built they have developers you can hire. I 100% would recommend them to others and their customer service is beyond helpful.

  29. Alberto Guccione

    Having to choose a configurator for a client of mine who has an important and constantly growing shop, I chose Orion origin of all, for its great flexibility and wealth of options and intuitive use. I was also able to appreciate the highly professional assistance team with immediate and decisive intervention.

  30. Jono

    Timely and friendly support!

  31. Bernd Neukermans

    The plugin is really amazing, even as the fast and good support we get from this company.

  32. Pieter

    Great support

  33. Yann HOCCRY

    J’ai acheté ce plugin, car les avis clients était bons, et j’ai pu le tester avant de l’acheter.
    Une fois installé sur le site, j’étais bloqué pour configurer les options, alors j’ai demandé de l’aide au support et ils ont été très réactif.
    Je les remercie pour leur professionnalisme.

  34. Jakob Batek

    best and affortable visualization-plugin. we use it a lot and it safes a lot of time! the customers can choose their own color-design for their desired sportswear and even we use it to get a glimpse of a new color-combination.
    the support was very helpful and we even had a chat to solve the last and most persistent problem. very patient and professional!

    i would recommend this plugin and give the whole package a thumbs-up!

  35. Loris

    It manages only 2-layers: component (or part) and option (or variant – for example color of the component).
    Because we need at least 3-levels (model, component and variant) it doesn’t suit for us.
    Management of conditional choices are worse.

  36. Donatella

    VPC is very useful for configuring low-complex products with few conditional rules.

    In the case of complex products, with many views, many attributes and many conditional rules, it needs to be improved to speed up both front-end and back-end use. If developers could do that, VPC would become the best wordpress/woocommerce configurator currently on the market.

  37. Max iezzi

    supernice graphics plugin, work fine and excellent customer care. Recommended !!

  38. Ivan Reyes

    Incredible plugin! Works perfectly for any type of customization and excellent customer support.

  39. Guillaume LE CORRE

    Great module and great support! No hesitation!

  40. Dane

    Fantastic support with the Configurator Suite plugin. I had specific needs and I have tried other plugins that were unable to function the way I needed. Configurator has so many customizations and the ability to write conditions is amazing. Top tier support team too, I made some mistakes in giving them info and they were patient and helped immediately.

  41. Erin Miller

    I use this plugin on two very different sites and absolutely love it. Easy to set-up. Both the shortcode and the configurator page views look nice out-of-the-box, but are also easy to style (or you can use a skin.) Love the conditional logic feature and the ability to set prices on the configuration options. I also use the multi-view add-on and although it is a lot of work adding views, the end user appreciates it. I’ve tried three other configurator plugins and this is by far my favourite. ALSO, the SUPPORT STAFF ARE AMAZING: super prompt in their responses, very helpful, and professional. Updates and new features are regular. Well worth it!

  42. Edward Stack

    Super plugin and support is very quick. Would recommend!

  43. Samson Chong

    The IT Team is very nice and helpful. Thank you so much

  44. Daniel Carlotto

    Excellent plugin, it worked perfectly and the support is a 10. Great team, success to you guys.

  45. Mario Gilardi

    Great customer support. When you work on a complex ecommerce you always need a hand, and they knew how to help me in all my requests! Thank you. Highly recommended!

  46. Peter Frisch

    I am completely satisfied. The plugin offers many possibilities of configuration, working with rules is brilliant. The support is great, fast and very nice. A requested customizing was done at a fair price in best programming work. The support deserves more than 5 stars. I can only recommend the plugin and the additional options. Keep it up.

  47. John Doe

    Great Product

  48. Cédric V.

    Very useful plugin, and the layering system is quite easy to understand.

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