The Top 6 WooCommerce Bulk Discount plugins: Which one is the Absolute Best?

In a market full of WooCommerce discount plugins, it can be very difficult to find out which of them best meets your bulk discount needs. If you are looking for an easy to use plugin that will enable you to create bulk discounts seamlessly on your store, then chances are you have already run into […]

Why and How to quickly grow your Woocommerce shops mailing list

Imagine if you were able to reach out to each and every of your customers directly in their mailbox, in order to market new products and services, send them new offers, advices and anything you want. You got the picture? Oh great!   Now picture the same context but this time let’s use your social […]

Features Update: WooCommerce All Discounts version 1.1 is out!

Giving you the best service is what we strive for, as a result the Woocommerce All Discounts Plugin, which enables you to apply various ways to run discounts all-year round has been upgraded with the following abilities:   Added: ability to define a discount based on the shipping and billing state Added: ability to define […]

automatic discounts

How to set automatic and periodic discounts on your Woocommerce shop

Whichever way you look at it, more competition or more customers there are more players in the market. Therefore you also need to step up your game to reap in the profits and one of the ways to get there is by using the periodic discount.   Why should you offer periodic offers or deals […]

Features Update: Woocommerce All Discounts Version 0.7 is out!!!!

In the pursuit of making Woocommerce All Discounts as awesome as possible, we have added a few handy features:   ¬†–Discounts for customers that follow an affiliation link now available Using this feature, you can setup a discount for every customer who lands on your Woocommerce shop by following an affiliation link.   –¬†MailChimp and […]