Ouidah – Custom Product Designer for WooCommerce

Sell business cards, postcards, t-shirts, hats, and any web to print products your customers can customize online before purchase.


Works for any product

Ouidah, our woocommerce custom product designer is compatible with business cards, labels, t-shirts, mugs, stickers and any type of print product you can think of.

Your designs, customized by your customers

Creating the perfect design from scratch can be exhausting. Ouidah, our online Woocommerce custom product designer lets you create unique designs your clients can browse, choose and start theirs from.

Print ready outputs: up to 48 inches at 300dpi files

Ouidah understands the value of a print ready PDF file and lets you generate up to 48 inches outputs at 300dpi outputs with entirely customizable crop and bleed marks for PDF.

Access every uploaded picture and designs details anytime

In case you need to recompose or improve the customer design, Ouidah offers access to the original version of every picture used by the customer. You also get access to every element used, including details such as text font family and size, colors, and more.

Custom pricing rules: everything to sell more

Increase the price based on the number of characters in the text elements or the number of vectors or pictures used in a few clicks. Our custom product designer for woocommerce takes product pricing to a whole new level by allowing you to define your own pricing rules based on the elements (pictures, text, shapes…) used by your clients in their designs.

Not interested in popular fonts? No problem.

Even if Ouidah, our woocommerce product customizer, comes with all Google fonts, it lets you easily set up your own fonts. No matter if they are web fonts such as Google Fonts or TTF files, you can upload them to the plugin and make them available for your customers.

Facebook and Instagram integration

Social networks today are part of everything. Ouidah knows it, so let your clients extract and use pictures from their Facebook and Instagram accounts in their designs.

Advanced image editing features

Do you need to allow your customers to edit their pictures before using them? Ouidah, our online woocommerce custom product designer includes nice photo effects such as grayscale, sepia, invert, blur, sharpen and emboss.

Protect your designs with watermarks.

You spent countless hours setting up your store and bringing customers in. What’s  the point if they can freely download your designs and print them elsewhere? Ouidah, our Woocommerce product customizer understands the interest in protecting your store from that. It includes a feature that allows you to set up watermarks to be added to all previews to prevent unauthorized downloads by your customers.

Control what your customers upload

Get full control over your customers’ uploads by defining the minimum allowed dimensions and file extensions. This will also guarantee your output quality by making sure your customers use quality files in their designs.

Custom designs uploads and direct printing

Do you have customers who don’t necessarily need to go through the design phase? The Ouidah, our online woocommerce custom product designer got you covered by allowing them to send you files as attachments to their orders.

Vectors integration

Vectors have become a standard in the web to print industry. Ouidah, our woocommerce custom product designer includes an SVG file editor which allows your clients to use and modify their vectors right in the edition area.

Custom colors palette for limited colors usage

Do you need to limit the colors that can be used by the customers in their designs? Ouidah, our woocommerce custom product designer allows you to define a custom color palette that can be used for any text, shape or vector.

Do you need a multilingual store? We got you

The plugin is not only translation ready but also compatible with WPML any other wordpress translation tool out there. Even if Ouidah is not translated in your own language yet, you can easily do so by yourself.

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  • philippe February 24, 2020

    Je vous remercie pour l’aide que vous m’avez apporté.

  • Andre January 9, 2020

    Great Tools, Great Support! Thank you so much!

  • nbdayan September 5, 2019

    Great support!

  • PremiumCards June 19, 2019

    I did give a single star before this. The software is better, but still has issues that should be addressed. The ability to change the UI is needed. Also, an easier way to change the titles of the sections, like CLIPARTS This isn’t even spelled correctly. Clipart is already plural. Anyway, it’s getting better for sure.

  • thommenl April 15, 2019

    Configuration and contact with support, it was a nice adventure. The WPD plugin is great! There are no bugs !! Extensive and detailed documentation. I needed a lot of time to understand the configuration. Support replies to chat in real time. It helps to understand the configuration. They are very helpful !!

  • gray_penguin November 30, 2018

    Have tried several of these types of programs over the years and this one is the first one I have used that actually gives you 300dpi pdf files without jumping through hoops to get it.

    Still needs work on UI stuff but, this is the best out there today

  • MichellGreeff777 November 30, 2018

    So happy with this plugin. Was relatively easy to configure, and where I needed help, the support team were so helpful and fast. The plugin works wonderfully for mug customization.

  • phamnguyenthuy November 20, 2018

    Thank you. I got an absolute supported!

  • Whatsdesign November 15, 2018

    Thank you for making my design idea work!

  • realtorfu November 13, 2018

    Hope upgrade can be done on site admin.

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1 year support & updates

  • Works for any product 
  • Clipart library available 
  • WPML-compatible and translation-ready 
  • Multiple image output (PNG, JPEG) 
  • Image editor 
  • Text editor 
  • Clipart editor

Ouidah - Custom Product Designer for WooCommerce


1 year support & updates

  • Yearly Subscription
  • Live chat support
  • Unlimited products
  • Print ready outputs
  • Customized designs
  • Custom pricing rules
  • Social network integration
  • Advanced image editing
  • Vectors integration
  • Custom fonts
  • Watermark available
  • And more……