Power and Comfort are the two words that describes the works of Remix. It has a nice and sturdy aluminum frames with solid fat tubes, and front triangles that make shoulder carries easy.

Remix is one of the few bicycle customizers in Taiwan.

Their bikes allow the rider to ride comfortably and also has Fender mounts which means the bike can also serve as a wet-weather bike or a fun commuter.

Their bikes come in different sizes, to suit the measurements of the rider. One of their models named Cross is good for beginners, and for commuters.

Adapting to Innovation

According to some statistics on the importance of personalisation:

– Marketers who are personalizing their Web experiences and who are able to quantify the improvement see, on average, a 19% uplift in sales.
– 59% of customers say that personalisation influences their shopping decision [Infosys]
– 77% of consumers have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience [Forrester]
In the course of their business they realized that customers came with various requests and specifications regarding the ideal bike they wanted to purchase.

They wanted custom bikes which they could ride comfortably. The length, the transmission group and so on, were little details that changed a lot for a customer to consider purchasing a bike.

Therefore they needed a plugin that would enable them to display all the available options their customers have been requesting for.

Woocommerce Product Configurator gave them the tools they needed.

Building the right custom bike configurator

With their project in mind, they asked for an advanced customization of the online product designer. To enable their customers to choose their bike options for total comfort.

Their customers are able to change colors of the different bike parts, frame size, and add text. But they also give further personalizations if requested by the customer.  

Whether you sell bikes, performance bikes, or dirt bikes, no matter the type of the product you sell on your Woocommerce WordPress shop, our online product designer is able to give you a tailor made solution.

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Note: the features described in our case studies are personalizations (custom works) of the plugin requested by the clients. They are not available neither in the standard version nor the free version of the plugin.