The Italian electric car revolution started with Tazzari Zero, a project of the Tazzari group based in Imola, Italy in the heart of Motor Valley. 

The aim of Tazzari Zero is to create the best electric city car with the most advanced technology for the management of lithium batteries, extraordinary performance and autonomy, which can be drove on a million kilometers all over the world.

Tazzari electric cars can boast of zero fuel, zero emission plus an extraordinary autonomy due to their lithium batteries.

The first electric car model Tazzari Zero was launched on the market in 2010 and since then has seen an incredible evolution to satisfy its consumers.

Obstacles faced

When the interest in their electric cars started to rise from all over the world, there was a need to produce a complete product information for the customer to make a decision, and you know that it is very difficult to buy a car online, if you haven’t tested it physically.

Also with the fact that consumer preferences can quickly change, it can be a source of frustration for the seller,  which could make communication a rough task.

When a customer finds the acquisition process of a product frustrating and complicated, they tend to abandon the process. This could lead to a loss of customers to competitors  that can make the process easier and user friendly.

Customers requested for a variety of colors, a hands-on feel of what an electric car would look like with a particular color.

Since every existing color cannot be manufactured in advance of the demand, they needed to find a way to let the customer express himself and create his ideal car, which they would then produce for the customer, without having to waste time on details.

They needed to acquire the best woocommerce car configurator in order to easily manage their shop.

Creating the ideal woocommerce car configurator

Everything is customizable today. WooCommerce Product Configurator  gives you the opportunity to let your customers unleash their creative potentials to personalize and own their product.

Tazzari Zero found the best way to serve their customers and give them an unforgettable experience in their quest of buying an electronic car. By using the online product configurator created by Orion Origin.

tazzari car configurator
tazarri car configurator

Their customers could now create their own electric car and own it for real. The online product configurator was able to produce the woocommerce car configurator  able to create for them a wide range of customizable options for the different parts of a car.

More than 20 colors to choose from, for the bodywork, the roof and rims, more than 8,000 tricolor combinations to which you can add, optionally, one of the 15 interior options.

Furthermore with the Tazzari Zero car configurator, their customers are able to save their configured product as a PDF file. The PDF file includes images of the designed car, a complete and detailed list of the features of the chosen electric car. They are also able to receive their configuration via email.

Their customers also have the possibility to  share their personalized electric car on social media with their friends. In return they give more visibility to Tazzari Zero’s online shop.

Now with the electric car configurator, selling electric cars all over the world is now easy with Tazzari Zero.

What type of car do you sell on your Woocommerce shop? Do you sell Ferrari, BMW, Lamborghini, Ford or any type of car, and you want to let your customers create and purchase their own  design.

You can learn more about how this online product designer, can help your Woocommerce shop.

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Note: the features described in our case studies are personalizations (custom works) of the plugin requested by the clients. They are not available neither in the standard version nor the free version of the plugin.