How to manage fonts in WooCommerce Product Designer

Fonts are one of the most basic features in online product customization and yet one of the most critical ones. WooCommerce Product Designer does not only allow you to use google fonts in your designs but also to add custom TTF fonts which you can use directly on the canvas and in the output PDF […]

Why and How to quickly grow your Woocommerce shops mailing list

Imagine if you were able to reach out to each and every of your customers directly in their mailbox, in order to market new products and services, send them new offers, advices and anything you want. You got the picture? Oh great!   Now picture the same context but this time let’s use your social […]


Today the use of social media to promote businesses has become unavoidable. More especially the use of Facebook messenger to communicate with friends and clients have become part of our daily lives.   This new plugin that we have designed for you, makes it easy for you to communicate with your customers in real-time, answer their […]

Prelaunch discounts

How to leverage on the pre-launch discounts to successfully launch your Woocommerce store

Pre-launch is a marketing technique which implies that as many people as possible know that a new product will be introduced on the market. Giving a specific date and time if necessary, whereby promoting this product heavily before it is officially on sale. The importance of the pre-launch phase is that while the production team is running up […]

automatic discounts

How to set automatic and periodic discounts on your Woocommerce shop

Whichever way you look at it, more competition or more customers there are more players in the market. Therefore you also need to step up your game to reap in the profits and one of the ways to get there is by using the periodic discount.   Why should you offer periodic offers or deals […]

4 Reasons to give out free gift (deals) on your Woocommerce shop

      Managing an online shop is not an easy task. Some of the worries that all online shop managers have is how to quickly move stock, attract new customers, or reach target sales. Offering free gifts is one of the ways to achieve these. Who doesn’t like gifts? Everyone does! Don’t start thinking […]

How to define a HTML template for all WordPress emails?

Let’s just say it honestly, wordpress’s default emails are not as so beautifull and that’s normal because they are in text format. If you’re running a professionnal website, you probably want to brand and format every outgoing emails generated by your wordpress installation. In order to achieve that, you need to define a HTML template […]