Today the use of social media to promote businesses has become unavoidable. More especially the use of Facebook messenger to communicate with friends and clients have become part of our daily lives.


This new plugin that we have designed for you, makes it easy for you to communicate with your customers in real-time, answer their questions or even recommend products. It will help you build a stronger, one-on-one relationship with your customer just by using Messenger.

How does Facebook Messenger Pro for WordPress works?

When the visitor logs onto your website, a Facebook chat button is visible on any of the four corners of your website. When they feel the need to ask you any question, they just need to click on the button and a chat box pops open.

When they send you a message you automatically receive it on your Facebook Business account. Then they will receive your reply in their Facebook Messenger inbox, and you continue the conversation from there.


How will using Facebook Messenger Pro for WordPress help my Business grow?

The traditional way of shopping offline has always had this relationship building experience. With the integration of Facebook Messenger Pro for WordPress on your website we bring this experience back.  

The advantages you get are numerous.

You save time: if you are regularly connected to Facebook on mobile or computer, automatic notifications help you attend to your visitors on the go.

You can multi- chat: it gets more exciting when you can attend to all your visitors at the same time, and you receive messages of satisfaction from your visitors.

In addition to all  that, your social visibility increases: because your visitors are automatically connected to your Business Page and would be interested in following every update you post on your Facebook page.



Several features have been developed to make the plugin yours, suitable to your image, your business and your world.


1- Highly customizable

 Easy to install and use, with many options to suit your style.


 2- With or without cover 

You can choose to let your Facebook page cover appear on your site.


3- With or without facepile 

Display the Facebook profile photos of people who are connected with your Facebook page or app if you wish.


 4- Custom popup dimensions

Messenger button dimensions are adaptable to any space allocated to it on your website.


5- Custom popup positions

You can position your messenger box anywhere you like on your site.


6- Customizable Text 

Allows you to customize the text of the conversation starter button.


 7- Unlimited Colors

Easily apply the colour you love to the button. Let it fit with your website colour.


 8- Includes Timeline /Events Tab 

Choose to showcase your facebook posts and event updates on your website . You enhance your social visibility and get more likes on your Fan Page.


 7- Mobile Conversation Box:

Your visitors can display the conversation box anywhere they like on their screen.


 8- Woocommerce Compatibility   

The plugin is able to run smoothly with woocommerce websites.



How can i integrate this plugin into my website?


To start the conversation with your visitors, Click here and purchase the plugin.


You’re done!! Enjoy!!