How to Create your First Discount

The Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce plugin allows you to create discounts with all sorts of rules and conditions. In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a simple discount, but first, let us break down the different segments that make up a usual discount inside the Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce plugin.

The Anatomy of a Discount

In Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce, a typical discount has the following segments: Periods and Dates, Rules, and Applicable Actions.

First Segment: Periods and Dates

This segment pertains to the dates and periods that you need the discount to be active for. All the fields in this segment are optional. You can use them if you need to measure impact and tweak discounts to see what works for your store. The fields in this segment are:

Discount Periods and Dates segment
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Repeat every
  • User’s limit

Second Segment: Rules

  • Rules groups relationship: gives you two options OR and AND. “AND” implies that all group rules must be verified before the discount action can be applied. “OR” means that any one of the rules you specify can be valid before the discount action is applied.
  • Rules: are the conditions that must be met for the customer to enjoy the discount that you set up.
Some types of discounts available
1If Customer RoleIN/NOT INList of all user roles in the site.
2If Customer email domain nameType in domain names, separated by commas, e.g., etc.
3If CustomerList of all registered users on the site.
4If Previous Orders countLESS THAN, EQUAL TO, MORE THAN, OR A MULTIPLE OFType in a numerical number
5If Total spent in shop
6If Previously ordered products count
7If Previously ordered productsIN/NOT INList of all created product lists
8If Order subtotalLESS THAN, EQUAL TO, MORE THAN, OR A MULTIPLE OFType in a numerical number
9If Order subtotal (inc. taxes)
10If Order items count
11If Different order items count
12If Order productsIN/NOT INList of all created product lists
13If Customer reviewed any product
14If payment gatewayList of all activated payment gateways in the WooCommerce store
15If Customer billing countryIN/NOT INList of all published countries in the WooCommerce store
16If billing stateList of all published states in countries in the WooCommerce store
17If Shipping countryList of all published countries in the WooCommerce store
18If Shipping stateList of all published states in countries in the WooCommerce store
19If Shipping methodList of all activated shipping methods in the WooCommerce store
20If Customer subscribed to MailChimp listIN/NOT INList of all MailChimp lists of the connected MailChimp account
21If Customer subscribed to a SendInBlue listList of all SendInBlue lists of the connected SendInBlue account
22If Customer subscribed to a NewsletterPlugin listIN/NOT INList of all the connected NewsletterPlugin subscriber lists.
23If Customer is following an affiliate linkIN/NOT INList of affiliate membership lists
24If Customer belongs to specified groupsIN/NOT INList of created groups
25If shop currencyIN/NOT INList of all currencies in the WooCommerce store.
2 2

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Third Segment: Applicable Actions

In a typical discount created using the Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce, once the chosen rule conditions are met by a customer, several types of actions that are applicable.

Actions are benefits the customer enjoys in the discount once these rules are met.

These actions can be loosely divided into these sections:

Available Actions in the Discount
SNSectionAction TitleType
1Product price: these actions affect the product price that the customer will be charged at the front end.Percentage off product pricePercentage
Fixed amount off product priceFixed amount
Fixed product priceFixed amount
2Cheapest product price in cart: these actions target the products with the cheapest product price, that meet the discount rules.Percentage off cheapest product price in cartPercentage
Fixed amount off cheapest product price in cartFixed amount
3Lowest subtotal in cart: these actions select the products with the lowest subtotals in the customer’s cart.Percentage off product with lowest subtotal in cartPercentage
Fixed amount off product with lowest subtotal in cartFixed amount
4Order subtotal: these actions focus on the total order subtotal of the customer.Percentage off order subtotalPercentage
Percentage off order subtotal (inc. taxes)Percentage
Fixed amount off order subtotalFixed amount
Fixed amount off order subtotal (inc. taxes)Fixed amount
5Shipping fees: these actions change the shipping fees of the customer’s order.Percentage off shipping feesPercentage
Fixed amount off shipping feesFixed amount
Fixed shipping feesFixed amount
6Free gift: this action provides another WooCommerce product in your selected product list, to give the customer as a reward, when the discount rules are met.Free giftProduct(s)

Below the “Actions” segment, several sub-fields that assist in defining the selected action are listed.

SNSub-ActionAction Section
1Percentage/Fixed Amount: the amount to be applied as the selected discount e.g. 50%Product price, Cheapest product price in cart, Lowest subtotal in cart, Order subtotal, Shipping fees
2Evaluate per product: [STILL IN BETA] to determine if the products in the cart should be evaluated one by one or all together.Product price, Cheapest product price in cart, Lowest subtotal in cart
3Products list: the list of products that the selected discount will be applied upon.Product price, Cheapest product price in cart, Lowest subtotal in cart
4Disable on products and shop pages: whether or not to display the discount on the products and shop pages.Product price, Cheapest product price in cart, Lowest subtotal in cart
5NB. Cheapest products: the number of products to consider for this subaction.Cheapest product price in cart, Lowest subtotal in cart
6Taxable: whether the resulting discount amount should be taxed or not.Order subtotal
7Shipping methods: the list of shipping methods active in the WooCommerce configuration.Shipping fees
8Gifts List: the field contains all the products list you have created, for you to select one to be used for the gift(s), in the Free gifts discount.Free gifts
9Gifts Limit: the upper limit to the number of gifts that each customer can enjoy.Free gifts

How to create my first discount?

Take the following steps:

  1. Map out your discount: you need to determine how the discount will be implemented. Things like if you need to set start and end dates; if you need to limit the number of users that will benefit, what actions you want to apply and so on. You also need to factor in whether you need a product list or not. If you do not need a product list, proceed to the next step. If you do need a product list, learn how to do that here.
  2. Go to your store back end and click Discounts > New Discount.
  3. Add a descriptive title. If your discount requires it, add values to the first segment: Periods and dates. Else go straight to the next step.
  4. Rules: Click on Add rules group to create a rules set.
  5. From the dropdown list, choose the rule that tallies with your mapped discount in step 1. Depending on your selection, the extra values required for the rule will also change to fit, e.g. if you select the rule “If customer subscribed to Mailchimp list”, the display changes to bring out an operator (IN, NOT IN), and a drop-down field of existing MailChimp lists in your linked MailChimp account.
  6. Sometimes a discount will require that you combine more than one rule to achieve the results you need. Add any additional rules and the parameters that will achieve your discount.
  7. Actions: an action usually achieves the discount you want the customer to enjoy. It could be a reduction in the cost price of a particular product in their cart via a percentage or a fixed amount deduction, or an additional product at no cost to the customer.
    Select an action and the corresponding sub-action to go with it.
  8. Publish your discount.
2 2

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Quantity Based Discounts

It is important to note that when your discount strategy is for bulk discounts and based on only one WooCommerce product, it might be easier for you to use the “Quantity Based Discounts” that you will find in every WooCommerce product. Read more about Quantity Based Discounts here.


95 thoughts on “How to Create your First Discount

  • The product applies the discount just as I want – brilliant.
    An advantage would be if the discount could be shown as a line item within the cart, ideally after the subtotal shows.
    Other than that – keep up the good work

      • Sirinuch Youngakares

        My free gift will not automatically add to cart! I selected “YES” to that option in settings, and created a product list with only 1 item in it. Am I missing an important step, or is something not working with the plugin?

        • Hello Sirinuch,
          You must configure the limit of free gifts to 1 in the discount.
          Please Start a live chat on our website so an expert can help you.
          Thank you.

  • For grouped products, the discount applies if there is one bundle of products in the cart, but not if there are TWO same bundles in the cart. The discount will only apply to one of the two bundles.

  • I have a prob when I create the discount rule, I want to make a discount 5% per items when user buy 2 items, so I configured
    Rules: if order item count equals 2
    Action: percentage of product type
    Percentage / Fixed amount : 5

    After that, I make a test but the result is each item gets 10% off the price, and I have to change the Percentage to 2.5 and the result is exactly what I want. Please help me understand why

  • Is there a way to turn on the quantity based pricing for orders added in the Admin WooCommerce – > Add Order section? Currently when I add an item it charges the single piece price.

  • Applying a percentage discount to a product (using only normal price), how do i get the striked out price effect on my product page?

  • Hi!
    I have applied a percentage discount to my product (40%). It’s working but how do i get the striked out price effect on my page?

    That only possible using sale price? I don’t want to use sale price.

      • Hi. I’ve 2 discounts running at the same time (List 1 has certain categories selected and List 2 has certain products from within those categories but at a different discount %, e.g 20% instead of 10%). I’ve added the product IDs form List 2 to remove them from List 1 so that a double discount isn’t applied. This all seems to work fine except for the fact that on the frontend of the store products from List 1 don’t display the discounted price or Sale badge on the product category pages/product page/cart (displays discount on checkout page) but the items from the other List 2 do display correctly. Any idea why this might be happening?

  • Hola tengo un detalle, estoy usando la versión free ya configure todo y el único problema que me da es que la etiqueta que aparece al producto donde muestra el descuento, aparece con el -100%, cuando en mi caso solo he colocado un 20% que puedo hacer para solucionarlo

    • Hello Marlon, can you make sure that only the 20% discount is applied to the product?
      If so, maybe it’s a conflict with another plugin or the theme.

      Could you run a quick conflict test using:

      Disable all other plugins except WooCommerce and our plugin.
      Changed the theme to one of the default settings, such as twenty-six.
      Try again.
      If everything works as expected, it means there is a conflict somewhere; so you can start to reactivate the disabled plugins / themes one by one to find the culprit.

    • Estoy teniendo el mismo problema. Lo noté recién la semana pasada cuando actualicé la regla del descuento por el Cybermonday. La etiqueta del descuento que se ve sobre los productos marca o suma 100% al descuento real.

      • Hello,

        Could you please run a quick conflict test by:

        Disabling all other plugins except WooCommerce and our plugin.
        Switching the theme to one of the defaults such as twenty sixteen.
        Test again.
        If everything works as expected, that means there’s conflict somewhere; so you can start re-enabling the disabled plugins/theme one by one in order to find the culprit.

        Once you do, please let us know by starting a live chat so we can take the next appropriate steps.

  • Hola,
    estoy usando la versión free.
    Quiero activar un 10% descuento en todos mis artículos, y el precio lo hace bien, pero en la burbuja aparece 100% de descuento.
    He leído en los comentarios que ya le ha ocurrido a otra persona, he desactivado otros plug in y me sigue dando el mismo error.

    ¿Qué puedo hacer?

    Gracias y saludos

    • Hello Isabel, how many discounts have you set up? maybe they overlap?
      Please start a live chat so that our technical support can help you.
      Thank you

  • Hello!
    How enable support decimal quantities in options?
    Example for flat discount follows:
    Quantity (min.) = 0.8, Fixed amount off product price ($) = 1.5
    Quantity (min.) =2, Fixed amount off product price ($) = 2.8
    I have plugin installed “WPC Product Quantity for WooCommerce (Premium)”. He works well with decimal quantities. But your plugin doesn’t work with decimal quantities.
    Can you give me the code, and where to change it.

  • Hi, I have a problem when I create the discount rule, I want to make a discount 50% on the 2nd item from my list i did, when user buy 2 items, so I configured
    Rules: if order item count equals 2
    Action: percentage off cheapest price in cart: 50

    After that, I make a test but the result is each item gets 0% off the 2nd price, Please help me understand why?!

    • Please start a live chat and provide the screenshot of the discount setup and the screenshot of your cart page. The support guys will explain how discounts works to you in more detail.

  • Hola! Estoy usando la versión free y cuando aplico un descuento, por ejemplo 20%, en algunos artículos la burbuja indica el 100% del descuento… He visto que otras personas tienen el mismo problema. En mi caso, he observado que me ocurre en la ficha de productos en los que no hay tengo creada ninguna variación para el mismo articulo… He probado a modificar una ficha y el error se corrige, pero no puedo modificar todos mis productos para seguir este patrón. Como puedo solucionar este error?

    • Hello Gabriel, unfortunately at the moment this is not possible. One and the same table is used for all variations. We are planning to add this feature but I won’t tell you when exactly it will be available.

  • I’m using a PRO version, I created a LIST of all products in category “A”, I created another LIST of one single product with an ID of “#”, then tried to create DISCOUNT as follows:

    Rules groups relationship: AND
    Rules: [Rule Group]
    “If Order Products” “IN” “A” (and)
    “If Order Products” “IN” “#”
    Action: Fixed amount off product price
    % / Fixed Amount: 20 (fixed)
    Products List: “#”

    supposed to show reg price if “#” is in cart by itself (no discount), if cusomer adds “A” to cart, supposed to show “A” at full price and reduced “#” by $20 (fixed amount discount).

    Current results show “X” by itself at -$20 (fixed Amount Discount)

    • Hello Kaley, sorry I don’t quite understand.
      If you want to apply Discount on your product list “#” when any product of category A is added to cart, just use the rule “If Order Products” “IN” “A” and select the product list “#”.
      This means the products in the list “#” will be discounted if the customer adds products from category A to cart.

    • Yes that’s possible but you’ll have to create 2 different discounts with the same condition (if order item count is more or equals 3)

  • Hola buenas, tengo la opcion “percentage of product price” es posible que en la pagina del carrito y del checkout pueda ver el descuento debajo del sub total??

  • Hey,
    I use DIVI on my website and the divi theme builder for my product pages.
    But, the list / tab of discount doesn’t display on my product page. Can I have the shortcode please

  • El pluging tiene para hacer descuento por pais, y tiene un campo por provincia, en caso de colombia lo puedo hacer por departamentos, municipios, o mas facil decirle que todo lo que sea diferentee a bogota me haga un descuento.
    En la version pro

  • Hola
    Tengo la versión premium
    Tengo un inconveniente, he configurado muchos descuentos, esta configurado para que muestre el descuento en la pagina de la tienda y en la pagina del producto pero no lo hace al ingresar a la pagina,
    En el carrito muestra correctamente los descuentos, pero si cargo un producto en el carrito, abro el carrito y vuelvo a la pagina del producto ahí si muestra el descuento. No se como solucionarlo, mis clientes a simple vista no ven los descuentos de cada producto

    • Hola,

      Lamento las molestias.
      Por favor, inicie una conversación aquí. Un miembro de nuestro equipo de soporte lo ayudará lo antes posible.

  • Hello! The plugin works perfectly! However, I’d like to know if there’s a way to automatically add the free gift directly to the checkout page, instead of adding it to the cart? I ask this, because some clients (I don’t know why?) clear their carts manually (product by product) and by doing so, they remove the free gift.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Salvador, You can redirect customers to the checkout page once they add products to the cart. If the option “Automatically add free gifts to the cart” is activated, the free gift will be added to the checkout page.

    • If you are using the pro version, please make sure your plugin is activated.
      You can even start a new chat so that the support guys can help you.

  • Hola. Tengo la versión free y no funciona bien el descuento de subtotal de pedido.
    Tengo la regla: Si el subtotal del pedido es mayor o igual a 1000
    Acción: Porcentaje de descuento en el subtotal del pedido
    Porcentaje / importe fijo: 5

    Si tengo artículos sin descuento en el carrito funciona bien. Pero si tengo artículos con descuento en el carrito (ej: 30% en marca X), toma el valor del subtotal SIN descuentos para aplicar el 5% de descuento al pedido, por lo que no cumple la regla. Sin embargo, sí calcula bien el monto a descontar.

    Gracias por sus comentarios.

    • Inicie un nuevo chat en vivo para enviar un ticket. Nuestro soporte técnico lo ayudará a solucionarlo.

  • Hi,

    Love the plugin! Wanted to know if the Discount percentage & Sale label can be displayed by discounts running under any of the schemes set up using your plugin.

  • Hola, quisiera saber como hago para hacer un descuento solo en una selección de productos. Puedo hacerlo en toda la pagina pero no se como hacerlo solo en unos cuantos.

  • Hola, es posible agregar un descuento al subtotal del carrito pero que excluya ciertos productos (similar a la opción de porcentaje de descuento en el precio del producto). Ya que deseo se muestre el descuento que se aplico a la compra.

  • Hello,

    How can I set conditions that a discount code cannot be used in conjunction with the free gift discount.

    Also how am I meant to create a code based discount which is individual.

    • Hello, The plugin does not allow you to create a coupon code but you can use the default WooCommerce coupon feature with the plugin.
      In the plugin settings an option allows you to disable the discounts applied when applying a coupon. I hope this helps you

  • quiero hacer rebajas en toda la web de un 20%. Probando diferentes opciones no me aparece nada en la web. Podrías mostrarme como se hace?
    Si es posible quiero que se muestre un mensaje en todos los productos indicando que están rebajados

  • Hi!
    Great plugin. I have a question. I set a discount for a tag. I can see the sale price on the product page but on the tag page I only can see the regular price. If I add one of those products to cart then it shows the sale price correctly on tag page. How can I solve that? Thank you in advance

  • Hola, Estoy haciendo pruebas con el plugin y funcionan perfectamente los descuentos en el carrito, las reglas condicionales se cumplen…etc. Pero al checkout tengo un problema, cuando cambio el método de pago no me guarda el subtotal con descuento calculado a la carrito, ¿Alguien podría ayudarme? Muchas gracias

    • hola, asegúrese de tener la última versión del complemento. Póngase en contacto con el soporte técnico aquí para que podamos ayudarlo. Gracias

  • Hola! como puedo crear una pagina en donde muestre todos los articulos que estan en descuento? Una pagina que se llame “productos en oferta”. Actualmente si filtro “on sale” no me muestra nada, solo muestra aquellos productos que puse el precio en oferta desde el editor de woocomerce y no los que creo desde el plugin.

  • Buenas tardes, tenemos instalada la versión gratis del plugin de descuentos pero vemos que no aplica a todos los productos sino solo a 12 por categoría, ¿es esto una limitación por ser la versión gratuita? Gracias

  • Hi,

    I’ve set the plugin up to offer a 5% discount on certain products if there are 3 or more items in the cart. However, this just changes the product price. Is it possible for a line to be added to the cart and checkout pages to show the discount?

    • Hey Cristina, you can see an option in the plugin settings to display the total of applied discounts on cart and checkout page.

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