Did you know that woocommerce social share discounts can help drive traffic to your online shop, without you spending a dime on advert? You want to know how? Lets dive in!

Today social media has become part of the communication strategy of any business that wants to grow in credibility and visibility. One of those strategies that signal your active presence online are woocommerce social share discounts.

Getting word out, for a shop owner is a perpetual preoccupation. First of all, you are busy producing. After the product is ready for the market, you must now break your head on how to spread the word to the world, to be able to sell your amazing product.
As a matter of fact, if you want your woocommerce shop to become popular or recognized, it will take time and hard work. Visibility is not gained overnight. Today there are uncountable social mediums and strategies that can help you attract more customers and visitors to achieve your goal. That is what we call “traffic driver”.

Woocommerce social share discounts can provoke a viral effect, that will drain traffic to your online shop, to enable your visitors to share products on your woocommerce shop with their friends, who in return will share with other friends, so on and so forth. All in the aim of getting the discount you are offering.

Social sharing is the act of sharing your content or product on social media platforms, in return your product becomes more visible to the world and you gain in customers and notoriety.

You can share photos, videos, product links to friends and followers (potential customers). It is also a great way to build your brand and extend your reach. This can go along way to boost your visibility and your sales.

Statistics on social media usage

1- 52% of online adults now use two or more social media sites. (Pew Research)
2- The number of worldwide social media users is expected to reach 2.5 billion by 2018. (Statistica)
3- 90% of young adults (ages 18 to 29) use social media. 35% of those over age 65 do.(Pew Research Center)
4- 60% of people surveyed in developing nations believe that personal technology and social media has improved social bonds.

social share discounts

Different social media platforms for business and their uniqueness

Everybody knows that social media includes websites and applications that allow users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

To effectively use woocommerce social share discounts you have to know how this various platforms work.

For the sake of this article we will focus solely on social media platforms suitable for business visibility and their characteristics. These platforms can be an extension of your online shop on the web.

  • Facebook

Facebook is now one of the top social media platforms on the web. You can post events, adverts, products, in the form of, videos, text, image, shareable links, live videos and much more.

It has the flexibility of sparking a conversation between you and your audience and extending your content to a larger audience with it’s share, like and comment features. Woocommerce social share discounts can effectively work on this platform, if there is a lot of engagement.

You can also track the success of your content, to help you know the best times to engage your audience.

  • Twitter

Known for its brevity and real-time news. Twitter has the ability to let you engage with people having the same interest as you with the feature like retweet and hashtags. Woocommerce social share discounts can also work perfect here especially if the appropriate hashtag and words are used.

It is best used for live reporting events or news in short paragraphs (up to 280 characters).

Lead conversations, interact directly with brands and customers, measure the reach of your content. These few things can boost the visibility of your business.

  • LinkedIn

Is a social network for professionals. It offers people the opportunity to further their careers. The design of the platform showcases a person’s work experience, professional, educational or awards received.

Businesses can use it to promote their products or services, by connecting to other professionals, interacting in group discussions, or posting job offers and even publishing articles.

  • Youtube

When you hear “youtube” what come to your mind? Video right? Then you guessed well! It is the second largest online platform on which you can watch anything on earth.

You can upload, download, comment and share movies, music videos, vlogs, and even live streaming services to users.
Businesses take advantage of this platform to advertise their products or services.

  • Instagram

Its particularity is photo sharing. It is a platform known for sharing real-time photos in a large format and short videos.

Today high quality images and short videos are the attention drawers. Maximizing your marketing efforts on this aspects can yield more results.

Influencers and businesses use Instagram to sell their products. You can run ads on it and even extend your audience worldwide.

It is mostly used to share visual content on lifestyle, food, fashion, personality, luxury brand, travel and tourism, or any product or service that can be visually represented.
The use of hashtags enables the user to connect with other users in the same field of interest.

  • Pinterest

This social pinboard style platform is unique in the sense that it allows only high quality visual content in different categories. The types of image you are fed, depends on your interest. User can save images of their choice or share it to other networks.
These images are often linked to the original website from which they come.

  • Snapchat

Popularly known for its “self-destructing snaps” which means that images or short videos sent to friends will disappear few minutes after viewed by the person.
They also have a feature called “stories” which allows you to share your day publicly.
Today most businesses are taking advantage of that feature to promote their events, products, services. Just to have a permanent presence in the mind of their followers.

  • Google +

Owned by google, this social media platform allows you to share image, message, videos, site links with your followers. Most especially businesses can promote their businesses and brands through the google plus business pages.

These are the major social media platforms that enhance business marketing. There are thousand more networks you can use to the advantage of your business. Some of this secondary social media apps are Whatsapp, Messenger, We chat, QQ Chat, Viber, Telegram and Line among others.

Businesses are now taking advantage of these mediums to reach customers directly on the mobile phone to promote their products.

Note that, if you are in the early days of your business, depending on the product or service your offer, you will have to determine a trial period, to test all the different platforms for a period of time. to know which one works best for you.

Why you should give out woocommerce social share discounts on your online shop?

  • To increase your social media presence

Social media allows you to put a face on your business, and provides a convenient way for your potential customers to interact with you. The higher the number of followers you have, the more your credibility increases. Because “perception is everything” for any business or brand.

  • To create a viral effect

Why not? People only share or recommend a page on social networks, when they find it useful or when they can get something in return. Giving your clients an incentive to share your products, may be the push you need, to create a viral effect around your product or brand. This is what we can call “cheap advertising” with great return on investment. Oh Yes!

  • To build a relationship with your audience

Customers like it when they are listened too! When you show them that they are part of your business, and that you need them. They will always be willing to engage with you, if you give them the opportunity. They won’t mind sharing your product or service with their circle of friends.

Types of strategies available to implement social share discounts

  • Initiate flash sales

It could go like this “For the next 5 hours, like our page (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and share this post to stand the chance to win 20% off anything from our shop ”.
This woocommerce social share discounts principle implies that a quick action is of need now, or else they risk losing a great opportunity. This could work well especially on Twitter, because of its power of immediacy. It is also possible to adapt it to other platforms.

  • Target discounts

You can use your Facebook or Twitter accounts to create a beautiful album of your products. For instance you say “ Give us 1000 Likes and we will discount each item 20% on a date that will be announced later”. On the other hand send out a tweet saying “ View our new line of shoes, we will tweet a 20% discount code if we get 100 retweets! So keep in mind that the better the incentive is, the more share and retweets you will get.

  • Conditioned discounts

For anybody to enjoy the woocommerce social share discounts you give out, they have to follow your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account and share your products on their timeline. It’s a way of inciting them to click the LIKE button. “Like our page and share our products and enjoy our monthly deals” for example, could do the trick.

This are a few tips you can use to maximise your sales using social media. This discount plugin can help you achieve it.

Any questions or you think we missed out something? Feel free to comment in the box below.