Is your network under attack? Think you are facing an IP stresser attack? Then you are in the right article. Read the rest of our article to learn about how to protect. And avoid slowdowns in your network.

How to stop IP Stresser attack

  1. Control the general traffic of your modem!

Detecting an attack early is crucial to preventing it. If you know the traffic to your modem well, you can check when there is a noticeable change and detect the attack early. This is very important for network cleaning.

  1. Extend your bandwidth!

No matter how much you expand, if you get attacked it will not be the solution. However, it can give you extra time. You won’t experience a slowdown when an ad hits your network. In general, expanding your network is good for your speed.

  1. Defend at the network perimeter!

Although these attacks can circumvent this measure after the latest developments, they can save you time. For this, limit your router so it doesn’t get any more attacks. Add filters to your router. It shouldn’t accept packets from obvious attack sources.

Fight more professionally

You can only slow down these attacks with the simple methods we have mentioned. So what are the more effective methods?

  1. Call your ISP!

As soon as you know you are under attack, call for service. It’s a good idea to keep their numbers handy to call immediately. As the staff working in the service will be more professional, they can prevent the attack faster than you. And the network width and quality of your service are better than yours.

  1. Call a DDoS mitigation specialist

If you are being attacked on a massive scale, it is best to seek professional help. Otherwise, you cannot stay online. These companies clean up incoming data and their infrastructure is much better.