We will cover the importance of having a trustworthy website, and things you can do to immediately instill a sense of trust in your business.

That is because most times customers come to your website and decide whether they want to stay or not, that is because they need to know whether its trustworthy or not.

People have needs,so when they ask for your services, they are expecting quality service. If they get the contrary,naturally they wont come back to you again.

How can you get someone to trust the face of your website so that they continue to the point of purchasing?

For a consumer to take you as trustworthy or credible, you need to be:

A company with moral: Trust involves the belief that a company is law-abiding and fair while also showing that it cares about its customers.

Sure your product will do what it claims to do: A consumer has expectations that the company’s product will live up to its claims, which are assumed to be accurate and unbiased.

Sure your product or service is quality: People want to feel confident in their choices and we all want to feel confident that our digital devices are quality products that will safely hold important data.

Some of the actions you can take to strengthen your image and be more trustworthy is to:

Make your online storefront attractive

There’s no excuse for having a poorly designed website in this day and age. because the competition is tight in every case. get something setup that’s beautiful and functional—something that makes people want to learn more about your product, and eventually buy.

With that in mind, here are some quick tips on how to design for trust:

  • Avoid all caps paragraphs
  • Try to avoid comic-sans font (unless it’s a part of your overall strategy)
  • Ensure your website doesn’t have any poor grammar
  • Don’t use tacky stock images
  • Keep the layout of your website simple

Or you can can hire a professional to design it for you

Add a touch of personality to your website

For an online store, a strong message on the front-page of your website might be all it takes. Or, an about page with pictures of your employees and mission statement is a good idea too.

Try to humanize your product pages as well by including pictures of real people using or interacting with your product.

Make sure your website is up-to-date

Be sure that all of the information on your website in regards to shipping, contact information, product information and more is all up to date. Take some time to go through product descriptions, as well as old blog posts to ensure that there isn’t any outdated information that may be misleading to a potential customer.

A good way to subtly display that you’re on-top of things is to have some sort of press page, or press mentions displayed directly on your storefront.

Show that your website is active

If you haven’t commented, shared, or liked anything online in the past while—how can your customers be sure that your store is active?

It’s important to show that you’re engaging with your audience. Whether that be by responding to tweets on Twitter or sharing product shots on Instagram or Facebook or Skype or by phone—it eases a buyer’s mind.

Alternatively, having an online blog for your store is a fantastic way to keep your visitors and customers up to date with what’s going on with your business.

Now we’ve taken a look at some of the ways you can instill trust in your website,so that people feel safe and not click the close button when they land on your page. 🙂

Feel free to drop your comments or questions below 🙂